About Econ:


What We Do and How We Do It

We provide devices for satellite and digital terrestrial reception, but with a different approach. Our primary goal is to stick to our slogan, we want to be “the economic solution”.

Value for money

We believe that in the present severe economic situation there is nothing more important for a product than a combination of an outstandingly competitive price and a reliable, high quality with an ideal support, be it from the perspective of a company or an end-user.

Based on an extensive market research in Europe and the feedback received from several of our serious business partners, we can claim that our products are by far among the best in the European satellite market when it comes to consider excellent value for money.

How do we do that?

Developments of LNB’s are done in a serious, high-standard development centre in China, just like production run in the Far East, with the involvement of several highly experienced professionals, based on our European standards. Sales and other operative tasks, however, are carried out here in Europe, by a 12-member team. We do not maintain a large and cumbersome administration, which also helps us be cost-effective, thus making our operation the most efficient possible.

Not all of our products from the Far East, the metals are designed and manufactured 100% in Hungary. Since 1999, these varieties are produced on the basis of Hungarian design with outstanding success. Tens of thousands have been installed throughout Europe, furthermore several cable TV providers have used these products (Digi, T-Home, etc.). Over this years there was no problem with them. Here, the large amounts is the key to be success in value for money.

CATV Amplifiers also designed and produced in Hungary singe 2000, automatic SMT production line puts them together, but based on our experience, these are much more precise than Chinese counterparts. 120 frequencies at the same time run on them. A further advantage is no shipping and duty cost from China, this way can they win considering the value for money.

We do not wish to cover the whole television-related product range, since that would make our mission pointless, and we could not be an all-round optimum choice, therefore we do not even try to do so. However, in the areas where we have the opportunity to become one of the best in terms of excellent value for money, i.e. in cases where an ECON product could be the best choice for most of the users, well, in such areas we will do our utmost to impress the market.


In addition to the above, we have a great many professional details to help us get closer to our objective. An excellent example for this is the weight of the LNB heads. If compared to the products of any other manufacturer, the weight of an ECON LNB of the same category will show a striking difference immediately. We use metals and plastic materials of different composition, thinner layers at some places, yet with similar or even better joints and insulation than what many other competitive products have. You can view the signal quality under the http://econ.tv/test-results menu, or you can make your own measurements yourself. All comments are welcome. Thus, excellent signal strength results with such innovative ideas can result in real competitive prices.



Although the brand name is new, our team has been involved in activities relating to the reception of television broadcasting since 1990. Even today, we have been dealing with a large number of products of several different brands and origin, thus we have managed to concentrate more than 25 years of knowledge and experience in our products. In short, we thoroughly understand the changing needs of the European markets and the latest trends, thus we can create products that will certainly stand the test of time.


Finally, we hope that by using our products, customers having chosen ECON products will enjoy an easy and pleasant televiewing experience day by day. Thank you for trusting us.

Econ Team.